Agricultural Science Center at Los Lunas

Los Lunas Agricultural Science Center
Los Lunas Agricultural Science Center

The Agricultural Science Center at Los Lunas was established in 1957. The center primarily serves the Middle Rio Grande area and portions of central New Mexico. Research programs are as diverse as the landscape and strive to meet the needs of both large and small farming operations as well as urban horticulture.

The station is uniquely situated to address a wide array of urban and rural issues associated with crop and home garden production.

Current entomology research programs are focused on improving understanding of an integrated pest management approach to insect control while maintaining beneficial insect populations. Viticulture research is focused on maximizing grape production across the state through variety and rootstock testing and proper vineyard management techniques. In addition, forage research conducted at the center is aimed at finding the most efficient and cost-effective ways to produce alfalfa and other hay and pastures for the diverse animal industries in the region.

Other programs include: chile breeding and production, weed control in vegetables, pollinator insect collections, and fruit and nut tree research.

Please stop by and visit the Agricultural Science Center at Los Lunas and see the latest research impacting the Middle Rio Grande Valley and beyond!

Contact Information

Los Lunas Agricultural Science Center
1036 Miller Road
Los Lunas, New Mexico 87031
Phone: 505-865-7340
Fax: 505-865-5163

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